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13 February
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My name's Margo. I prefer to be called Mar than my full name. You know, like most people. I'm a chick. I'm nineteen. And God, do I love Cherry Coke. And orange juice. I watch way too many movies. I like the simple things like eating ice cream out of a carton and laughing at whatever's on T.V.! I eat Fruity Pebbles. I was fired from my last job for not showing up enough/swearing too much. I worked at a church. I'm the kind of person that will wait for you on hours end no matter what if we're close. I love to laugh and smile. I try to make the best of life these days. My best friend fights with everyone. But that's okay, because I love her. I love being with people. But I need somebody there for me, too. And I do love to be in love. I like staying overnight at hotels. And raid their free complimentary breakfasts the next day. I think McDonalds makes the best fries. "Reservoir Dogs" is my favorite movie. I hate being disappointed. I've had my heart smashed before. It hurt then but I'm okay now. I'm strong. I either have too much free time or not enough. Horror movies make me laugh. And so do cartoons. I'm starting to think the mall is my second home now. I hardly ever wear my seatbelt in the car.

And I'm ready for whatever happens next.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do you ever update?
A: Uh, no.
Q: How come?
A: I already have a greatestjournal account that I use all the time. :]
Q: So why do you have this account in the first place?
A: So I can comment to my friends's entries here and attend communities found exclusively in Livejournal.
Q: Oh.
A: Yeah. Sorry if my answer wasn't very interesting.
Q: It happens.